We wear the title of "crazy dog people" like a badge of honor. 

When it comes to our own furkids - they are our entire world. Our 6 pups and Goose the cat (who thinks she's a dog... so, she's basically a bonus dog) are all named after Marvel comic book characters. Because well, Tyler and I (Kasey) are also big kids at heart and we love our superhero movies.  And let's be real, pets are basically superheroes already.

For almost 7 years now we've been wife/husband, dog pawrents, AND business partners. 

On our very first date we discovered we both grew up with 2 dogs of the exact same breed. We laughed, noting the crazy quirks of said breed - and agreed, if this went where we knew it was going to go (just ask Tyler, we KNEW) - we would have a pack of rescue pups someday.

The same week we tied the knot, is the same week Tyler left his career as a chef to join me in my existing photography business - Studio Twelve:52.

I've been a full-time photographer for 12 years now, and have always been known for my unique way of incorporating pets. Studio Twelve:52 is now geared mostly towards weddings + engagements (with LOTS of dogs present)... because Tyler and I realized a few years ago whenever we weren't documenting love stories we were doing family and portrait sessions almost exclusively for people with pets!  Hence, this epic spin-off coming to life - Twelve:52 Pets.

Simply put - Twelve:52 Pets is our BABY. This is the first company we've ever formed together. In honor of our furkids, all of our clients furbabies, and all of the incredible little floofs we have yet to meet and document!

Kasey + Tyler Rajotte

Meet Us

top dog-friendly photography company - twin cities


Snuggled up with the pack in our movie room (yes, they all try to share the couch with us - even Goose the cat)

Googling "top dog-friendly road trip locations in the United States" - and booking travel specifically around them

at local breweries, state parks, and basically anywhere our dogs are allowed - like Barnes & Noble or Home Goods

Spending time with family and their dogs... and buying them way to many things that say, "my grandchildren have fur"

attending music festivals / concerts - after all, that's how we met

home renovation projects / redecorating our "dog room" for the millionth time

Founder of Studio Twelve:52, Co-Owner of Twelve:52 Pets, and proud dog / cat mom to the wildest little pack around. The "Twelve:52" part of each name comes from the time 12:52 PM, a huge part of Kasey's story. She was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (view her story here) and this time has always served as a beautiful reminder to be grateful to be alive, surrounded by the ones she loves - doing what she loves.


Nova  - likes ALL the butt scratches
Loki - Likes taking over Mom and Dad’s bed
Storm - likes rolling in the dirt
Gambit - likes chasing anything furry
Marvel - likes going on adventures
Nebula - likes Food and Dad. (It’s a tie) 
(Not pictured above, she's new to the pack)
Goose The Cat - likes: Cuddling up with her siblings
(Not pictured above, she hates the snow)

The Pups

Co-Owner of Twelve:52 Pets, Co-Head Photographer at Studio Twelve:52, and dog / cat dad supreme. Between both companies Tyler is solely in charge of all things planning and communication. He manages every inquiry, helps pick out the perfect locations, and is the details person in their relationship. They also both photograph equally - individually and together -
Their styles are truly identical after all this time.


See that sweet new (ADORABLE) logo? 
We decided to change up our logo, branding and well... everything about Twelve:52 Pets (aside from the kickass pet portraits, of course) because we lost our little girl, correction - our "crazy girl", in 2020 very unexpectedly to cancer. Leaving this world at only 2 years old we wanted her legacy to live on through our work. She was a little hurricane, a force of nature - who changed our lives forever. We miss her everyday but we know she's up there in heaven, wings and all, doing ALL the zoomies, turning clouds into obstacle courses, and launching herself into the laps of any other angel willing to give her some dang belly rubs. She was the bestest girl. 
This is all for you peanut. 


our "crazy girl"

In honor of

"I can't say enough great things about the wonderful team at Studio Twelve:52!

Being dog people themselves, Kasey and Tyler are the dynamic duo with the patience of saints, especially when it comes to photographing your family pets.

We have two very high energy, stubborn dogs that they make look fabulous every time they are photographed, whether it's posed or a candid that caught their eye! Not only are our dogs a challenge to work with, one of them is deaf so they have the added challenge of getting his attention- silly noises, dancing, waving treats around- anything to get their attention, they will do it and don't care and are beyond patient in the process!

 Not only do they capture amazing photos of just the dogs, they are pros at all our family photos too- two dogs, two adults, and two kiddos is no easy tasks and every single time they capture magic and provide us beautiful photos we will cherish for a lifetime. I trust them with all our family pictures, knowing that they will deliver every time with amazing results !"

- nicole + family

client love